NYPD Cracks Down On Bronx Woman For Making 24,000 Bogus 911 Calls

For some reason, people consistently need this very real reminder that calling 911 for non-emergencies is not cool.

Well this woman in the Bronx is under investigation for taking this to the absolute extreme!

Recently, 38-year-old Yogita Persaud was arrested for calling 911 over a nonexistent fire in a nearby basement. Emergency crews were sent out only to find there was no fire at all.

Persaud was charged for making a false reports for the fire and emergency, counted separately, and more!

Police say officers are investigating Persaud, though, following a pattern of more than 24,200 911 calls since June of this year, including 200 the day of her arrest. She has not been charged for that though until they’ve got evidence it was her!

If it was, though, we guess this lady is a true criminal mastermind for her to be able to call over 24,000 times without trouble until now!

Source: NBC New York