Man Gets Hit By Car After Daring Driver In Viral Road Rage Incident

This road rage incident shows some idiots in Antioch, California breaking one of Hot Wings’ unspoken car rules about taunting people who put 24-inch rims on an old Buick.

Police are investigating after this shocking video was posted to Twitter recently where an argument between two dudes takes an insane turn!

The two men are arguing in broad daylight, both their cars parked on the side of the street, when a third steps in.

Things continue to escalate until one of them gets back into his car and quickly reverses to point the hood straight at the other guy.

“Hit me with your f—ing car. I dare you, bro,” he says.

Well and that the other car did!

This guy hits the gas, smashes into the man, pinning him between his own door, his jeep and the tip of a Buick.

It takes a lot to make us cringe anymore but this…this got us good.

Source: SFGate