The city of Denver now has to pay $300,000 to a Delta Airlines pilot after he was wrongfully arrested for being naked in his hotel room.

Andrew Collins was staying at the Denver International Airport Westin hotel in a 10th-floor room overlooking the airport terminal that he didn’t realize people could also see him in.

While he was naked in his room, the curtains partially open, airport employees told police they saw Collins up there touching himself.

Collins was suspended from flying for six months and has been flagged by homeland security so even though a judge dismissed the case, he still deals with the consequences of the wrongful arrest.

Citing it is not a crime to be naked in a hotel room and he genuinely did not know people could see him, Collins received the $300K which part of it he will be donating to the Innocence Project, now knowing what it’s like to be falsely accused.

This is not to say you can just stand nude in any hotel room and helicopter until someone calls the cops and you’ll get paid…don’t be a creep.

Source: Fox 17