HOA Tells Festive Family To Take Down Christmas Decorations Already

How early is too early to decorate for Christmas?

We guess it’s pretty subjective because for some, right after Halloween is just fine but for others, Christmas spirit only lasts closer to Christmas.

This festive family put their decorations up on November 1st and on November 4th they received a letter from the neighborhood’s homeowner association telling them it was too early and asking them to wait until it is “closer to the holiday season”.

Not entirely sure what they mean by that, they are keeping the snowman, reindeer and Santa hanging from a helicopter! Neighbors are also joining in solidarity over the non-issue.

Honestly, we get it if you just want to be holly-jolly more than a couple weeks, but if this is the biggest issue in your life…when can we move in?

Source: News 4 San Antonio