The Worst Baby Names Of 2019

Look we’re not out here to tell you what to name your kids, however, we are here to judge you if you pick something stupid!

We’ve heard all the typical ones people joke about or “swear” they’ve seen like “La-a” (pronounced la-dash-a) or Lemonjello and Oranjello but what about the worst ones from this year (2019) alone?

Among the top 10 worst names or baby girls out there we have Mattel, Pansy and of course, Khaleesi…

Imagine a woman named Pansy walking into your office someday looking to get hired.

At least you would be accustomed to weird names because the top 10 worst names for boys include Manson (yeah, like Charles), Pinches, Cletus, Danger and Stylez.

These poor children…We feel for you.

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