Where Are They Now: Marguerite 'The God Warrior' Perrin

Marguerite Perrin sealed her place in history with an epic meltdown during her appearance on Trading Spouses back in 2005 but now that is far from who she really is!

Now when we first saw there was an update about “The God Warrior”, who called herself that after coming home from spending the week with an astrologer married to the hypnotist she traded places with, we thought it’d be depressing.

Turns out after her freakout ended up going viral, she became an icon even to this day!

She has gained a respect for those with different viewpoints and lifestyles and has been accepted and nurtured by the gay community!

“How the hell did that happen!?” you may ask.

Well, after Perrin’s daughter passed away back in 2007, the gay community were the ones to step up and help her talk through it when others, like friends and family, shied away.

So it turns out our girl “The God Warrior” really isn’t as crazy and harsh as she seemed on the show. Good on you, Marguerite.

Find the whole story here and enjoy this lovely walk down memory lane: