Ex-Best Friend Admits To One Night Stand On Crazy British Reality Show

This show is absolutely wild and we can’t look away!

Titled, “Your Face Or Mine” from what we’re gathering they take love triangles or just exes in general, ask about their story, get all the dirty drama deets and then have the audience vote who is more attractive!

Somehow there is money on it but in this case, we’re not sure that would be enough to take care of the horrible burn she suffered on national television.

Megan and Sarah were best friends, they had a one night stand and when Junior and Megan got together, Sarah was forced out of the picture.

Honestly all three are pretty attractive people but when it came down to it, everyone voted and agreed with Junior that Megan is more attractive and she was sent on her way.

So who’s in to get their confidence destroyed if we bring this to a live show!?