Michigan Man Fights Off Intruder With Battle Axe

Just because this man either spends his days working at Applebee’s or staying at home playing video games and watching “Rick And Morty” doesn’t mean you should ever try to F with him!

Ben Ball, 36, was home with his collection of Viking and Barbarian warrior replica weaponry when an intruder burst through the door!

While he makes it clear his skills don’t come from L.A.R.P. Ball did what he had to do when he suspected the intruder had a firearm and started swingin’ with his battle axe!

Hitting the suspect with the axe “at least once in the torso”, a scuffle ensued and as Ball put it, “there was a bloody mess everywhere”

You know what they say, never bring a gun to a battle axe fight…though this apartment getting destroyed might not be the worst thing that’s happened in it.

Source: WOOD TV