Man Breaks Into Sex Store To Rescue Mannequins From Trafficking

A guy in Missouri recently smashed out the window of a sex toy store…to save the mannequins…from being sex trafficked.

This guy felt like the lingerie-clad mannequins in the windows of Mi Dream Angels, the sexy boutique right across the street from the bar that the hero of this story is manager at!

Mont Hardcastle was working at the bar when he saw the vigilante kick the glass window until it broke so he told his bartender to call the police while he engaged his previous security skills to hold the man until cops got there!

Wrestling the man to the ground and two women who came along to sit on the guy’s legs,

A guy named Mont Hardcastle manages a bar across the street from the store, and held the guy down until police got there to arrest him for property damage and burglary charges!

While we can appreciate this guy’s courage in the face of suspected human trafficking, maybe he should use that energy to¬†actually be helpful!

Source: KY3