Jeremy Roenick was asked to share his best Michael Jordan story and he did not disappoint!

Roenick, a former Chicago Blackhawks player, spent the day golfing with Michael Jordan and then made a wager on the Bulls’ game that night he probably regretted!

Jordan and Roenick were out on the golf course, knocking back beers and ended up playing two rounds, so 36 holes total!

After spending the day golfing and drinking, Roenick thought he would bet Jordan all the money he won throughout the day on the course that he would not be at his best for the game against the Cavs that night.

Well, Jordan countered that saying he would have more than 40 points and the team would win by 20.

Imagine Roenick’s disappointment when Jordan put up 52 points and the team won by 26!

Source: BroBible