You would think being in jail you wouldn’t have to care what  you looked like but don’t tell the ladies in there that!

For some, makeup is just a confidence boost and if that’s what the women in prison want to do then let them do it, dammit!

This YouTuber and ex-con, Christina Randall, did a “jailhouse makeup tutorial” and it is honestly incredible how creative people can get with such little resources!

Not only are women given makeup products in jail but it is actually something they can get written up or thrown in the hole for!

She shows they made eyeshadow with deodorant and a magazing, eyeliner with a pencil and Vaseline you mix together on “seee-ment” and even lipstick with a Dorito!

“I’m not telling y’all it’s gonna look good,” she acknowledges. “I’m just telling y’all what we did.”

While we have to agree it doesn’t look great, if it makes them feel good we can applaud their efforts!