This writer’s article about how horrible millennials and their new favorite phrase “OK, boomer” is so annoying it makes you want to say nothing more than “OK, boomer.”

First, 69-year-old, Steve Cuozzo wrote an article about how millennials have “killed” yet another national treasure, the “Manhattan power lunch.”

Of course he was met with lots of criticism because if he hasn’t realized, people are too busy working to pay off crushing student debt, taxes, homes, etc. to stop working and spend three hours away at lunch.

He then responds to the criticism by just making himself look downright silly saying things like history can’t be found on an iPhone and implying people who “work” at places like Starbucks don’t understand true “hard” work.

Of course, all of the roastings he is getting are totally justified.

We can’t wait to see what the boomer whines about next…and millennials are the “snowflakes”? OK, boomer.

See the whole story and response here!