Neighbor Calls Woman A Liar After Deer Attack

A woman is being treated in the hospital after being seriously injured from a deer attack but neighbors are calling her a liar!

Louie, a 75-pound male deer, was treated like just one of the neighbors in this community but one day he flipped out.

Just going out to her mailbox, the woman was suddenly rammed in the back by Louie, gored with his antlers and dragged down the street!

Three bystanders helped her get to safety but the deer’s owner still just doesn’t believe it and thinks the woman provoked the attack.

Provoked or not, though, the fact remains Louie did attack someone and has since been euthanized and officials have sparked the conversation about the dangers of humanizing wild animals.

We’re sure this community has no shortage of wild animals to keep in their homes…

Source: WBIR