Idiot 'Influencer' Pushes Schools To Stop Teaching About WWII

Well isn’t this guy just fueling the fire for everyone’s favorite millennial vs. boomers debate!

Please do not use this kid as an example of where society is going but do use it as a warning that if more people act or think like this we are headed straight toward Idiocracy.

This kid who gets his credibility apparently from being famous on Instagram got to be on Good Morning Britain to defend his stance on teaching WWII in schools.

According to him it is traumatizing for school-aged children to learn so much about a very real thing that happened that affected people still today but no dude, it’s fine, it makes you sad.

Please don’t let this ruin your faith in humanity, we can still just point and laugh at the young dummy and teach our kids better…

Source: Barstool Sports

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FactsAreFacts!!!! My full GMB debate for those who have been jumping to the wrong conclusions!! Watch it in full before hiding behind your keyboard with abuse!!!! My point as per the interview is all about the right balance. I clearly state that I am not being disrespectful nor asking to stop teaching WW2 completely! My point is, it needs to be taught in moderation to promote mental health and focus on teaching young people real life skills and to prepare for current issues that are relevant to us such as how to get a mortgage, what are the real impact of Brexit and climate change for future generation! #GMB #mentalhealth #reallifeskills #standingupforbeterfuture Ps: vulgar abusive emails have been reported!!

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