Police in California say they are wasting too much time dealing with human waste on the side of the highway from truckers!

It’s honestly surprising how common it is…but why?

One driver, pulled over and given a warning after throwing his soda out the window, said he understands the situation has gotten out of hand when it’s “bottles of piss everywhere” instead of just a soda.

Either way, littering is bad, but leaving your poo and pee just lying around for everyone else to find is next level.

Truck drivers do have a little bit of a defense as they say rest stops are often closed or they are turned away at public restrooms but still…when your dog poops outside and you grab it with the baggie, you at least find a trash can!

We need answers here, truck drivers please, we want to know what your options are before resorting to this caveman behavior?

Source: Fox 40