Free Beer and Hot Wings A Man Was Fired From His Job For Sharing A Meme

If it has not been made abundantly clear yet, you have to be careful what you post on Facebook…especially if you have your coworkers or boss as a friend!

This man clearly missed that memo when he shared a meme featuring Elmo on the toilet with the caption “Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime. That is why I poop on company time.”

Well, the boss-man saw the post on and texted the employee to confront him!

According to the exchange, the boss not only texted him on a Sunday about the post but felt he had the grounds to let him go because “He brought work into it.”

This story has received so much attention people actually stared spamming the business’ Facebook page with memes to the point they had to pull the plug and shut down the page temporarily!

Find the whole story and full text exchange here!