Masked Man Attempts to Rob a Bank Via Bob Evans

A man in Ohio is in custody after making a bomb threats to multiple schools in the area. He walked into a Bob Evans wearing a “realistic” mask and handed a worker a note, claiming an active shooter threat, and that he had placed bombs at two local schools.

The schools were placed on lock down, immediately with local police and dogs searching for bombs, none were found. The man was seen leaving the Bob Evans and was captured by police later thanks to employees identifying the suspects vehicle.

The suspect was pulled over and immediately admitted to passing the note and making the threats. His plan was to rob a bank in the area. Assuming the police would be busy with the bomb threats, he must have thought he would have little resistance when getting to the bank. However he never even made it to the bank. Police found no weapons or explosives in his vehicle, no bombs at the schools.

Source: CBS Local – Pittsburgh