Woman Hit With Blender After Throwing Food At Ohio McDonald's

Honestly this is just so great because there’s no real clear answer as to whose side you should be on!

This woman walked back into an Ohio McDonald’s to complain about her order being wrong but after waiting and being ignored by the staff for 25 minutes, she got fed up and decided she didn’t even want the food, just her money back.

Now she could have handled this a lot better but in the moment she just chucked each bag of food over the counter and hit the manager with it.

The manager, in retaliation, must have grabbed whatever was closest and threw a blender at the woman’s face!

After taking a blender to the face, the woman was knocked to the ground and suffered a shattered cheekbone and broken nose.

We guess Free Beer said it best, “don’t bring a bag of food to a blender fight!”

Source: WBOY