Woman Says 'Stingy Men' Who Want To Split Bill On First Date Are Deal-Breakers

This model is catching a lot of heat for being what many of us have come to consider a “gold digger” but to her it is all a sign of a relationship doomed from the start.

“Splitting the bill on dates sets the precedent for a relationship, one where everything is straight down the middle,” Petra Serras said. “And where does that end?”

Because a balanced and fair relationship would just be horrible wouldn’t it?

She goes as far to break down, “Does that mean we should keep monthly spreadsheets and document when we give sexual favors and how much we give emotionally to ensure we’re even every month?”

Look, lady, it depends on the situation but if you are on a date and he knows it’s not going anywhere why would he foot the bill for the whole thing!?

She does have a point in that it’s a little douchey to just without warning say “separate” when the waiter/waitress asks if it’s together or not.

As long as you both are not petty buttholes like Serras and the men she dates, this really is not an issue worth making a blanket statement in a blog about.

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