New Indianapolis Park A Space For Hoosiers To Watch Traffic

As Free Beer put it earlier, this honestly sounds like a plot point from Parks and Recreation because of how ridiculous it is.

Nestled at the end of a trail overlooking the highway, “The Idle” is a new park with stadium seats for people to sit and watch traffic on the northbound and southbound lanes of I-65.

People think it is this beautiful, meaningful display about the Crossroads of America and the “oceanless Midwest”…Yeah, all of that for a few plastic seats to watch traffic.

This woman from the also boring, flat state of COLORADO thinks this is just super special because what else is there to do in Boulder aside from LITERALLY ANYTHING!?

“I think it’s special because people move really fast through life in the city, and while all the traffic’s moving really quickly here, I like to sit and kind of wonder where everybody’s going,” said Boulder woman Christina Jordan.

It’s a nice sentiment but again, chairs to sit and watch traffic are just that…any other meaning you get from it (no offense) is just pretty dumb and you should get a hobby.

Source: Fox 59