Pete Rose Claims He Lost Out On $100M After Getting Banned From Baseball

Pete Rose was banned from baseball for life back in 1989 even though his career as a player was easily his ticket into the Hall of Fame!

While he maintains he never bet against his team, the Cincinnati Reds, but was still banned after it was revealed he was betting in general.

He has accepted the fact a spot on the HOF is not in the cards for him but does try to break down just how much the ban has cost him over the years during a recent appearance on the podcast, No Filter Sports.

“Realistically, guys, me betting on my own team to win—which I did back in the ’80s—cost me $100 million. I mean that’s what it cost me. Because I’d have been managing the Reds for 30 years at three or four million (dollars) a year. And all the off-field stuff I’d have gotten,” Rose said. “For people who say I haven’t been punished enough, they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.”

Now we’re not sure how much of that is a bit of an exaggeration but we do know baseball would probably at least forgive him if he wasn’t such a dope!

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Source: BroBible