Pat McAfee Shares How He 'Beat' Adrian Peterson's Extremely Firm Handshake

Some people just have a naturally firm handshake but Adrian Peterson was known around the NFL for his handshake that defied physical boundaries and crushed knuckles like no other!

Pat McAfee was sharing stories about his days as captain for the Indianapolis Colts when he got to how he prepared himself for Peterson’s infamous handshake before a coin toss.

Turns out McAfee actually put a lot of thought into the simple sign of sportsmanship.

He made a point to race into the shake, get his grip first and even be the first to squeeze and then let out a little “HA-HA!”

It worked…until Peterson said they had to re-do the shake after the toss and did his usual thing and McAfee was (jokingly) worried his hand was broken!