Nikki Bella Tells Story Of Time Younger Brother Found Brie's Sex Toys

We guess if you are going to have your younger brother go snooping through your stuff, you should not be surprised at what he finds!

Recently Nikki Bella of the famous WWE star duo, the Bella Twins, shared the story of the time their younger brother J.J. stumbled upon something that he probably never wanted to know about his sister(s)!

As Nikki tells the story, Bella had called J.J. to have him grab her birth certificate which was in one of her closet drawers.

“So he goes, this poor kid, and he opens up her top drawer and he was like ‘she has to be kidding me.’ Am I allowed to say sex toys? A gazillion sex toys! He called her and goes, ‘Your birth certificate is in here?’ and that’s where she hides it,” Nikki exclaims!

Definitely embarrassing for everyone involved but it happens to the best of us, right?

Source: BroBible