Iowa Family Basement Flooded With Animal Blood

This family of seven was getting ready to put their home up for sale but now have to wait until they can get their basement flooded with animal blood taken care of!

Yes, you read that right…and it’s as horrifying as it sounds.

Nick Lestina went to the basement of his family home recently to find their basement had flooded with animal blood thanks to the drainage from the meat locker next door.

According to the Iowa DNR, Dahl’s Custom Meat Locker in Bagley, Iowa had been dumping animal blood, fat and bones down their drain and Lestina says the business is going with the “it’s not their fault” but “good luck” approach for it all.

So while the family cannot stay in the home due to the bio-hazardous hog and cattle remains the meat locker is also cooperating with DNR investigations.

Now excuse us while we go throw up for a bit.

Source: WHO TV