Georgia HOA Censors Man's Hilarious Halloween Display

‘Tis the season for local HOA’s to give and receive complaints about Halloween displays around their neighborhood(s)!

Most of the time it is because they are too gruesome or scary but this one was just plain funny!

The display in question features a “pumpkin man” with his pants pulled down just enough to reveal two little pumpkin butt cheeks as if he is mooning passerby’s!

Mike O’Neill said he’s put up the same display outside his home off and on for the past decade and usually gets great feedback from people laughing, driving by and stopping to take pictures!

Recently though, an HOA board member emailed O’Neill, “We have had more new neighbors with small children move in… and they are finding it offensive.”

So O’Neill threw up a sign that was meant to “censor” the display so those poor, poor children won’t have to see pumpkins poking out of pants…

Source: WSBTV