Boston Man Stops Train Gunman, Runs Chicago Marathon Moments Later

Jean Paul LaPierre a 54-year-old from Boston was in Chicago on Sunday for the Chicago Marathon when he stepped in and stopped an armed man from robbing people.

LaPierre got word there was a man robbing people on the train to he went back on and found him, taking matters into his own hands!

“I said ‘this doesn’t seem like the right way.’ He said ‘No, there’s a guy on the train walking around right now robbing people.’ That kind of made me mad,” LaPierre said.

So he found the gunman, got the gun away from him and held him at the side of the train until the cops got there.

As other passengers sat in fear, LaPierre grabbled with the man and even his friends who came along to intimidate him then saw to it he was arrested, then left and ran his 12th Chicago Marathon.

Source: WGN TV