Panera Employee Fired After This Video Reveals Mac And Cheese Secrets

Turns out Panera Bread is pretty serious when it comes to their ingredients but they are even more serious about their secrets!

If you thought someone puts a lot of heart, soul and effort into making each bowl of Panera’s coveted macaroni and cheese this girl was fired for showing us different!

Tik Tok user, @briannaraelenee was fired recently after tweeting out a video of how the mac and cheese is made which is simply grabbing a frozen plastic package, placing it into boiling water and serving it up!

Panera, in a statement, stood by the decision to reheat the frozen food but maintains they are dedicated to whole, clean ingredients and freezing is a way to avoid using preservatives.

Sure, Panera, we know what you are up to…and this girl will expose it ALL!

Source: Complex