Ten years ago today, on October 15, 2009, millions around the world got roped into believing there was a boy floating around Colorado stuck in a UFO-shaped balloon.

He and the whole hoax would later become known as “Balloon Boy” and the story still lives on in the hearts of all, even 10 years later!

Television networks went nuts, showing the flying saucer floating thousands of feet above the ground, and it immediately became the #1 searched topic on Google, the nation was hooked!

It began with Richard Heene, the boy’s father, pretending to cry, telling 911 the balloon was supposed to be tethered to the ground.

Even better is as Headline News was covering the balloon finally landing, expecting the relief of the safe return of Balloon Boy, they find out on live TV he was never even in there!

Later, Wolf Blitzer interviewed the Balloon Boy and his family on CNN.

Heene asked why his son Falcon didn’t come out when he heard them calling his name, Balloon Boy said, quote, “You guys said that we did this for a show.”

Blitzer pressed his father on what he meant,  causing Heene to get angry and “appalled” by the suggestion that it was all a hoax!

An incredible story we are more than happy to revisit, happy 10 years Balloon Boy! Hope you are on to doing big, big things!