Thieves Steal 400 Pumpkins From Michigan Farm

McCallum’s Orchard & Cider Mill in Grant Township, Michigan was robbed of almost 400 pumpkins in a matter of a few hours recently and it is both incredible and incredibly sad.

How the thieves were able to move almost 400 pumpkins, emptying the crates upon crates of them, in a matter of hours is no small feat.

What makes it even worse and more impressive is that 400 does not even include what was taken from the pumpkin patch itself which after a farm assessment, could make he grand total 700 stolen pumpkins.

The owners of the farm also note they battled a drought this year, making it even more work to grow the pumpkins and making the theft even more upsetting!

In the meantime, other pumpkin patches have helped out by giving McCallum’s some pumpkins to sell so they can keep up their traditions at what the owner describes as “80-acres of family fun.”

So this Halloween, hide your kids, hide your edibles and hide your pumpkins!

Source: WXYZ