So eleven years ago Stephen and Jessica Whyte took their three sons to Australia’s Coogee Bay Hotel for the Rugby League Grand Final but were pretty whiny about their stay.

Complaining to the staff, the Whytes had some issues with the food, the price of gelato (one bowl was AU$19), about the crowd, and about the fact that they couldn’t see or hear the rugby match.

Honestly we can’t blame the hotel for being annoyed but in good faith, they sent a free bowl of gelato to the family “for all the hassle.”

Jessica was first to take a bite and she’s thankful she was because what she thought was chocolate at the bottom of the bowl of deliciousness, IT WAS POOP!

That’s when this story really takes a dump!

Media got a hold of it, lab tests were done, lawyers came along and even a month after it happened Jessica was not living this one down!

“Everywhere I go, I’m now known as the woman who ate the poo,” she said.

The case was eventually settled but the mystery remains, WHO POOPED IN THE DANG GELATO!?

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