St. Louis Pay-By-The-Hour Bar Seems Pretty Annoying

Imagine being able to have as many drinks you want for a set price instead of the cost per drink that really racks up by the end of your night!

Seems like a great idea but this new bar in St. Louis, Missouri is actually kind of annoying!

The idea for the bar, Open Concept is how bar owner Michael Butler described it, a way “to mix technology with that open bar concept.”

You just sign in for time at the bar using an app on your phone and pay $10 for an hour for premium drinks and $20 an hour for top-shelf ones.

This app, though, also takes it upon itself to make sure bar-goers are not over-served. It actually scans a driver’s license for height and weight to develop a number of drinks an hour to keep the patron within legal limits…

So the bar is an “open concept” literally by name, but tries to keep people confined to certain limits! What is this!?

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