Bride Uses Late Father's Ashes For Wedding Manicure

After her father lost his battle to cancer just four months before her wedding, this bride still wanted him to be there with her in spirit.

Charlotte decided to take the non-traditional route when it came to honoring her father on her big day and got with her nail-artist cousin to work some wedding magic…

That’s when things either take a weird or weirdly sweet turn, they came up with the idea to use Charlotte’s father’s ashes for her matrimony manicure!

She also had a photo of him placed on the back of her shoes, a pendant attached to her flowers, and a teddy bear made from one of his jumpers.

Oh, and she made sure to save some of the nails by sticking them on to a photo frame to cherish forever…

Is this creepy or sweet, read the whole story here to decide for yourself!