This young student decided this question on her math homework crossed lines of what she believes is right and wrong and refused to answer it.

The problem in question used a table to show the weight of three female fourth-grade students and asked “How much heavier is Isabell than the lightest student?”

Naomi Pacheco is now defending her daughters’ decision to write “What! This is offensive! Sorry I won’t write this it’s rood!” and not do the problem.

Pacheco say it was shocking to see the question and thinks it’s an “irresponsible” way to teach kids math, though, the Schoool District Director of Elementary Teaching and Learning, Melissa Hamilton, says that was not the case at all.

“I can certainly see if a 4th-grade student did misconstrue that question,” Hamilton said. “However, in math curriculum, [it] wasn’t about body image — the question was about moving kilograms to pounds.”

Now whoever’s side you are on this sure is a lot of hullabaloo over a math question…

Source: Fox 17