Dental Hygienist Gets Completely Screwed Over Technicality

Alexandru Tanase is (well, was) a dental hygienist practicing in Ontario, Canada but has now lost his license and been labelled a sexual abuser over a technicality in the law!

The reason for all of it? Tanase was having a sexual relationship with a patient…his wife.

According to the law in Ontario, a dentist can provide dental care to a spouse but a dental hygienist can not.

Tanase and his wife were married in 2016, though he performed dental care for her for about a year before then (when they were engaged).

Trying to get the case appealed or at least get the law changed for cases like this seems to be a challenge, though, because she was not yet his spouse when the treatment(s) happened they would not be protected then either.

Even Tanase’s wife says she finds the law ridiculous because she is not a victim of her husband’s but of this law instead.

Source: CTV News