In September 2019, 30-year-old Katrina Holte decided to quit her job to transform herself into a 50’s housewife!

Transforming her home into a “working shrine” of the era and spending her days cooking, cleaning and “spoiling” her husband, Holte and her man have made the lifestyle work for them!

Katrina does make some money and her own wardrobe by crafting dresses from 1950s patterns in her spare time!

While her husband plays along with the whole thing, including having to not watch cable and actually hide the TV to not throw off the vintage vibes, Katrina is adamant it is just as much something she does for herself.

“He works very long hours and makes my dreams come true, so I try to make his come true, too. It’s an equal partnership,” she said. “I’m outspoken and I’m definitely not a repressed woman.”

Yeah, the 50’s were cute but…we have smartphones and Alexa now. There’s no going back.

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