Julian Edelman liked hanging out at the Patriots facility during his first few years with the team but after his first real interaction with Coach Bill Belichick, we’re sure that changed.

When asked if he could share examples of Belichick actually being pretty funny, he responded “what happens in that building [Patriots facility] stays in that building.”

Though Edelman says he’s been there 10 years and has talked to coach about eight times but the first time just so happened to be after Belichick was naked in the hot tub.

“Obviously, I came in the room to go in the hot tub. But then we made eye contact and my natural instinct was to turn around like I was gonna leave,” Edelman said. “But then I saw that he saw that I was in there and then he got up and got out and real, real big party foul by coach. We’re supposed to have shorts on. Supposed to have shorts.”

Belichick was naked!!

Now he’s NFL coaching royalty so he kind of gets a pass but we can’t even imagine…

Source: BroBible