Florida Pastor Excited To Turn Former Strip Club Into A Church

This Florida church decided they needed to expand to a more permanent location…so they bought a strip club to transform into a 700-seat sanctuary!

Now we guess it probably doesn’t matter, in the Lord’s eyes, what it used to be…but we know, and that’s what matters here.

“The church plans to replace the stripper poles with pews,” ABC 7 Chicago reported. “And replace lap dances and lingerie with love for the Lord.”

The deal has come, the Lord’s will is done and Pastor Josh Mauney said they will start renovations and hope to start services early next year!

“I don’t mind being in a building that was a strip club any more than I mind somebody walking in our doors that had at one time in their life been a stripper,” Mauney said.

We wish them the best of luck and hope the church members make it rain with those offerings!