Eagles Fan Shows Off Phanatic Belly Button Tattoo On Good Day Philadelphia

Rob Dunphy is just a true die-hard fan of all things Philly which is why he’s covered his upper-body with classic Philadelphia-themed tattoos!

Apparently they were all outlined in the same 6.5-hour session and include a large Eagle, an I-95 sign, the Liberty Bell, and Phillie Phanatic right on his belly button.

He stopped by Good Day Philadelphia to show off his ink and things got pretty weird…

Not only did he take off his shirt to show off what he’s got, but somehow it came up that “Phanatic sometimes gets thirsty” so one of the hosts poured orange juice into Phanatic’s mouth, AKA Dunphy’s belly button…

We guess we should hit this guy up to be our next bingo board!

Source: Fox 29