Pat McAffee Recalls Peyton Manning Totally Dad-ing Austin Collie Off The Field

Pat McAfee shared a story on his show recently that proves just how much of a savage Peyton Manning truly was in the peak-Colts era!

So when Austin Collie was still young and wide-eyed, he missed a catch he tried to make with one hand and Manning was not having it.

Collie tried to re-join the huddle and Manning just pointed to the sidelines and told him to “get out.”

He went back to the sidelines, the offensive coordinator sent him back on the field where he was met with Manning’s dad-pointing again!

Turns out later Collie was pretty down about it and when McAfee asked him about it, Collie said Manning told him if he pulled a move like that again he would never be on the field where Manning is the quarterback ever…

Many teams have coaches, only the best teams have dads.

Source: BroBible