433 Guys Named Nigel Got Together To Break World Record

A pub in England called the Fleece Inn held an event recently called “Nigel Night” after it was found Nigel was an “endangered” name!

So 433 guys named Nigel made their way out to the pub to set a world record!

One Nigel was the pub’s owner, Nigel Smith, who came up with the idea after no one in the U.K. had named their baby “Nigel” for an entire year.

A member of Parliament named Nigel Adams couldn’t make it to the event but even he made an appearance by sending in a video┬ámessage, thanking the various Nigels who helped make it happen.

We should do that with each of our show members’ names, Maitlynn would have a total of four people and Free Beer would have a bar full of people just Greggin’ it up!

Source: Mashable