Look, we’re not hating on the guy, we love Mike Leach but more for his silly mascot antics but after the Cougars lost 38-13 against Utah, Leach was not in his usual goofy mood.

Going for the usual team-that-just-lost coach thing, Leach talked about how they didn’t play as well as they should have but also called them soft!

“We’re a very soft team, you know? We get a lot of good press, we like to read it a lot, we like to pat ourselves on the back, and if we get any resistance, we fold,” Leach said. “What’s amazing about this is most of these guys were on the same team last year that was a tough team. Last year’s team was a tough team, for us. We got nearly the same guys and now all of a sudden they’re not tough, you know?”

Now, talking about how your team has gotten soft shows some good self-reflection but maybe Leach needs a mirror before he also calls his team “fat, dumb, happy and entitled.”

He does take responsibility for not coaching them through being soft which we could only assume it’s because he’s soft too!

Come on, Leach, we liked you!

Source: Deadspin