University Students Drown Out Anti-Masturbation Preacher With Hilarious Chant

Every college has those preachers that come around each year to try to change the young minds of the world before they get out into the real deal but this guy clearly chose the wrong school!

University of Kentucky students showed they couldn’t care less about what this preacher had to say against masturbation and decided to try to drown him out with a beautiful chant.

A hoard of students surrounded him and began to chant “MASTURBATE! MASTURBATE! MASTURBATE!”

He tries to get them to stop but it comes off more like when you whisper “no, stop, don’t go” as someone you just beat in an argument walks away.

This clearly brought those kids joy and it definitely did it for us too!

This comes close to topping the “you ain’t got no pancake mix” kid that went viral many moons ago from Maitlynn’s alma matter!