Florida Man Breaks World Record For Longest Nail Extensions

This Florida man, like most of them, is a very interesting character and now has two world records!

Odilon Ozare has recently broken the Guinness World Record for the world’s longest nail extensions.

Now, when you throw the word “extensions” in there, it kind of takes away the amazing/disgusting factor of it all but apparently it’s actually pretty challenging!

Ozare had to figure out how to get the acrylic to stop breaking under its own weight but he did it and the nails broke the record coming in at FOUR FEET!

He also holds the record for world’s tallest top hat, has a tiny doll he believes holds the spirit of an Italian Designer, knows a little too much about Barbara Streisand and has a horrible fake mustache.

As he put it, “greatness is a habit” and he is certainly trying!

Source: UPI