Ohio Woman Hits Cruisers And Leads High-Speed Chase Running Late For Work

A woman got sentenced to almost 5 years in jail, lost her license for 15 years, was ordered to pay $26,000 in restitution and was late to work!

During rush hour near Cleveland, Ohio this woman was running late for work when she was pulled over for window tint and “ficticious registration” but there was no keeping her stopped!

She originally refused to stop and was blocked in by even more cruisers only to take off and ram three of them before leading them in a high-speed chase through busy streets.

Of course once the officers caught up to her, they were pissed and boy, did they throw the book at her!

Just the dash cam footage alone is insane but the crazy part is trying to see if Hot Wings can name every make and model of each car she hits!

Source: Fox 8 Cleveland