This couple in Milwaukee is warning people about how easy it is for hackers to get into your smart home devices and thinks companies like Nest should do something about it!

Samantha Westmoreland returned home one day to see her thermostat had climbed up to 90 degrees so, thinking it was a glitch, she turned it down. But that was just the beginning…

The thermostat continued to climb, then the Westmorelands started hearing voices through a security camera in their kitchen and “vulgar music.”

They unplugged the equipment, turned the camera and changed their passwords on their home devices designed to keep them safe but the problem persisted until they called their WiFi provider and had their network ID changed!

Anyone who has these devices knows they are supposed to make you feel safe but the Westmorelands say it made them feel the opposite and violated.

Now the couple is sharing their story hoping it prevents other people from having to experience the same thing and gets companies working on a way to protect users!

Source: Fox 6 Now