Man Caught Violating Local Burn Ban While Eating Burger

Burning leaves with a burger in your hand sounds like a beautiful way to spend a fall day here in the midwest but in areas with burn bans it can get you in a whole heap of trouble!

Laurel County, Kentucky has had a burn ban in effect since September 16, 2019 which is why when a patrolling deputy saw flames, he had to go in and extinguish the situation.

The deputy pulled up to find Thomas S. Saylor just chilling within the flames, casually eating a burger!

After putting up a fight, the deputy was able to remove Saylor who then became irate saying he was just burning leaves and also that he is “an American War general of West Virginia.”

Well, despite his best efforts to fight, he was not only charged with violating the ban but also public intoxication, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct…

Source: WKYT