Adopted Ukrainian Child Turns Out To Be Woman In Her 20's

If this story sounds reminiscent of the 2009 drama/thriller Orphanthe people living it think so too!

This couple from Indiana adopted a little girl from Ukraine several years ago who had dwarfism but were accused of abandoning her in Indiana when they moved to Canada.

Defending their decision and correcting the claims against them, the Barnett family is sharing the girl was actually an ADULT born in 1989 posing as a Ukrainian child born in 2003!

Kristine Barnett says she noticed many strange things about the young girl that made her seem older than six when they adopted her. A sophisticated vocabulary, mature attitude and even physical changes like menstruation were all signs but nothing could have prepared them for the truth.

The couple even says she threatened or made obvious attempts and threats to kill them multiple times, like putting cleaning supplies in their coffee.

After many doctor visits, therapy appointments, psych ward stays and police involvement the couple legally had the girl’s age revised to be correct, taking her legal age from eight to 22…

Even after all of the struggles and even after moving to Canada, Kristine says they continued to help this crazy woman financially.

This crazy case still continues on and to find all the details click here