Woman Bites Camel's Junk At Louisiana Truck Stop

This truck stop in Louisiana has a petting zoo with a camel and apparently lots of other animals as we learned from our new friend Shantelle who works there!

Well And a group of idiots were basically harassing it the other day, throwing treats for their deaf dog into Casper the 6-foot-3, 600-pound camel’s pen.

The dog spooked Casper so this dumb lady crawled under the barbed wire fence to get into the pen too!

So, Casper sat on her and the lady decided the best way out of that situation would be to bite this poor camel’s JUNK.

According to Shantelle, the woman got a mouthful of Casper’s testicles though it is yet to be confirmed if it was just one or both.

They both are okay and Shantelle tells us Casper is still just living his best life, maybe just some sore nuts.

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