Woman Who Said She Was Too Pretty For Jail Gets No Time

This grown woman got off way too easy here whe, at 34 years old, she claimed she is too pretty for jail…

First of all, if at 34 years old if you are whining this bad and bragging about how great you were 10 years ago in college because you can’t own up to the horrible thing you did, you suck.

Lauren Cutshaw went viral last year for this interaction when she was arrested for DUI.

Apparently, though, the judge agreed with her because not only did she get no time behind bars, but also gets to keep her driver’s license!

For her offense of driving under the influence, blowing through a stop sign at more than double the speed limit, Cutshaw had less than a $200 fine, had to do 24 hours community service and take alcohol safety classes.

This is honestly such a slap in the face to anyone whose life was ruined by a DUI but it’s fine because she’s just so damn pretty, right?