Texas Couple Catches Heat For Using Zoo Hippo In Gender Reveal

This couple thought they were having the best gender-reveal party until the internet got a hold of it, called it the worst, and were very quick to criticize!

A Texas zoo offered, organized and allowed the couple to use their Nile hippo named Tank and toss a watermelon full of colored Jell-O in his mouth!

Tank chomps down on the melon as blue Jell-O oozes out!

Much of the criticism comes from people advocating the hippo would never willingly do that or that all that sugar and food coloring was bad for the animal.

The zoo stands by the decision reminding people that hippos are over 4,000 pounds, nobody can force it to do anything and the Jell-O melons are actually a common treat!

On the other hand, hopefully this trend of one-upping gender reveals goes away soon…

Source: New York Post